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Francesca& Scott

Marry in Mystic

Welcome to the wedding website of Francesca Larson and Scott Bird.A�Our journey to the aisle has been a long, but exciting experience filled with love, adventure and a lot of dreaming. We’re so happy to share it with you and look forward to you joining us as we say I do. Follow on to read about our story and our wedding plans!

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We have reserved room blocks for the comfort of our guests at the Mystic Marriott and the Hilton Garden Inn Mystic/Groton. Transportation will be available from both of these hotels to the wedding venue.

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Our Story Brought to you by Barack Obama, GChat, and the Country of Chile.
the bride
the groom

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Set the Scene: Millions of millennials have ventured to Washington, DC for the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. People are jovial and freezing. Scott, a local accountant, spots a cute girl on the escalator, promptly stops and makes (what was…

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Dupont Circle Escalator where we met.


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"Just make sure it's in a public place," said Francesca's mom Sandy after learning about the upcoming first date with the stranger from the metro. The date started at the National Gallery, continued to the Air and Space museum and ended…


Scott, who thinks of himself as a renaissance man, chose the museum to flaunt his art history knowledge to Francesca. It clearly worked.


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We took our first trip together to Mystic, CT. Why Mystic? Well... here's the story. Scott was living in Bethesda, MD and Francesca was commuting between Boston & NJ (finishing up school and completing her last class at BU). One…

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Lobster at Abbott’s is now tradition.


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After a few months living in separate cities, Scott moved up to NYC to take a crack at a career in the film industry (behind the cameras!). Francesca may have played a role in this decision consistently saying to Scott,…

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Scott’s IMDB Profile – Proof of his successful film career


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While Scott was busy filming, Francesca landed a job working for U. S. Senator Bob Menendez and that meant a move to New Jersey (Francesca's home state). Together, we found an apartment in Jersey City's Paulus Hook and signed our…

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how to order Phenytoin

Six months in Chile...who could say no to that? Together, we quit our jobs, packed our bags and ventured across the world to start a company. Just after we got settled (read: won landlord/tenant dispute) into our new Jersey City apartment,…

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can you buy Phenytoin over the counter in uk

We said goodbye to our new friends, took a quick trip to the US and then created yet another new home...this time in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires. After 7 incredible months in Santiago, our startup team moved to Buenos Aires…

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Team photo at our office in Buenos Aires.


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Well, not really. Scott pitched the South America move to Francesca this way: We go, we either become billionaires or you'll be back in-time for the 2012 Presidential Election. Billionaires we are not, but we did return in 2012. Just…

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This official sign of OFA-NJ 2012 survived the wrath of Superstorm Sandy.


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While in South America, we brokered a deal. Once we got settled back in the U.S. we'd get a dog. Francesca's definition of the word settled was a bit different than Scott's and anyway...who wouldn't fall in love with this cutie.…

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Meet Milo, 20lbs of cool.


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To help us celebrate our 4th anniversary and to thank Scott for putting up with Francesca's campaign addiction, the Obama family threw us an anniversary party. The theme was Inauguration.

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Fancy for the Inaugural Ball 2013. A lot can happen in 4 years.


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First comes love, then comes mortgage? Over 5 years, we signed leases in 4 different countries and 3 languages. We decided it was time to own. We bought our first home together in Jersey City that we affectionately refer to…

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Our 12 ft wide row home on Monmouth Street.


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Scott proposed marriage to Francesca at our favorite beach in New Jersey, Sandy Hook. Francesca plans to use the location as an excuse to return to the beach over and over again for the rest of our lives.


Wedding planning here we come! #love

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how to buy Phenytoin online

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can you buy Phenytoin over the counter in the uk